Personal Training 


Corey Shirley – Fitness Specialist

Call to schedule an appointment:  Corey: 724-875-4383 or Samantha: 724-984-5602

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One on One:

Guardian's one on one training is for any individual at any skill level or fitness status. This means we work with anyone just beginning their fitness journey or the elite athletes at the top of their game.

Small Group Training:

Share the cost of personal training and good health with friends or family, even a co-worker. | Contact us for specific pricing.

Custom Program Design:

Guardian also offers custom program design for clients who would like to work out in a solo environment or are too far from the fitness professional. | Contact us for more information to get started. 


What's Offered:

3, 6, 9, 12 month packages with sessions as low as $35

Block sessions- 5, 10, 15, and 20 session packages with sessions as low as $45


 Trainers will be onsite Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-5pm. Feel free to approach them with questions! 



-BA Degree from the University of California in Pennsylvania in

 Exercise Science: Sports Management

-NASM Certified Personal Trainer

-NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

-NASM Youth Exercise Specialist

-NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist

-NASE Speed Specialist level I & II

Training Experience:

One-on-One Training 

Small Group Training

Group Classes

I have worked with a multitude of motivated individuals over the years with a variety of different and specific goals all their own. It is my passion and desire to motivate and inspire, as well as, to educate those who wish to make positive lifestyle changes.

I remember being encouraged to participate in multiple different sports from a young age. Deck hockey, football, wrestling, swimming, baseball, ultimate frisbee and other backyard games were how I spent my time as a child. And, I remember at every competition, someone was there to cheer, yell, and motivate me. I was not always the star or won the competition. However, after each event, they told me how proud they were that I gave it everything I had.  As my passion for fitness grew, so did my passion for the great outdoors. I left the sports field for the quiet fields on the ridgeline. This is the same time I found the art of complex training. Bodybuilding soon took over as a passion, one that has not since died. However, the last few years, I have been participating in obstacle course races, such as, the spartan, tough mudder, terrain race, battle frog, and hardcore mud run. These events have combined my obsession with resistance training and the outdoors. Each event tests your limits and how strong your will truly is and leads you to a level of personal growth that is unmatched by anything else I have encountered. My new path is one that extends back to the beginning. . . Remembering the motivation, the inspiration, the encouragement I was given in the past, it is my mission to share my passion and to motivate, inspire, and encourage people to live a life of satisfaction. It’s my vision to prove that with the right support and belief, anything can be possible.

Corey Shirley – Fitness Specialist

Call to schedule an appointment:  Corey: 724-875-4383 or Samantha: 724-984-5602

Email to schedule an appointment: