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How Online Booking works!

3 Important steps to remember!

1) Check the calendar to see if we have the date/time/location you are looking for. (If you click ‘book’ you will be redirected to register and purchase a package FIRST)

-You will be redirected to FIRST buy a package-

2) After Registering - Purchase a ‘PACKAGE’ of time (between 1-20 hours)

3)Then ‘BOOK Session’ date/time/location from the ‘Book Rental’ tab. (looks like a calendar)

PLEASE READ 10 steps below before clicking on link Online Schedule Booking

All Bookings are final. No Cancellations, Refunds or Rescheduling after booking.


Step 1

After reading these steps, you will enter a new website by clicking the link below.

Use the arrows on the right of screen to find the month you would like to book into.

Times are sold in 1 hour blocks (but you can book multiple hours under packages | details below)

To be sure we have the location/time/date available you are looking to book before purchasing, search and click on the location/time/date you would like to book to get started.


Step 2

Once you click ‘book’ you will be asked to login or register.


Step 3

Click register, if you do not have an account created yet. (Create a username and password for your account)


Step 4

You will then receive an email from The GreenTree SportsPlex to complete a ONE TIME registration.

Your own individual account is now created and you can login with your username and password.

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Step 5

Now that you are registered and logged in:

‘Click $Buy | Packages’ (even if just booking a one time Rental)

Client must purchase a ‘package’ of time (between 1 - 20 hours) to then book a rental date/time/location from the calendar.


Step 6

Click ‘Buy’ button, next to the location you would like to purchase a package of time in. (e.i. Court, Field)

Select the amount of hours/seasons you would like to like to purchase.


Step 7

You can now go to your shopping cart and complete the transaction with your credit card.


Step 8

Now click on ‘Book Sessions’ to get back to the calendar.


Step 9

Click on the date/time/location you would like to book.


Step 10

Book session! You are now scheduled in our system and your rental is confirmed.

-No refunds, All bookings are final.

Online Schedule Booking



If you would like to see all your bookings, click on ‘My schedule’ while logged in.

Online Schedule Booking

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Contract Booking

If you would like to book 12 or more dates, please email with your requested dates, times, and location you would like to rent throughout the year.