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Three Indoor Turf Fields

We have 3 indoor turf fields that are available to rent for any and all sports, events, birthdays, etc.

A group or individual can rent a temperature controlled field by clicking on 'online schedule booking.'

Winter Rates: November - April

XL Field 48 x 45 yards | $195/hour

Fitness Field 42 x 40 yards | $175/hour

Bubble Field 40 x 38 yards | $170/hour

Winter Rates: May - October

XL Field 48 x 45 yards | $105/hour

Fitness Field 42 x 40 yards | $95/hour

Bubble Field 40 x 38 yards | $80/hour


Fitness Field

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Three Volleyball Courts

We have 3 Volleyball courts that are available to rent to groups large and small. Nets can be set at Men's, Women's, Co-Ed and Badminton heights.

A group or individual can book a temperature controlled court by clicking on 'online schedule booking.'

Year-round Rates:

$32/hour | Per court



This studio can be rented out for any occasion! You can start your own fitness class like zumba, salsa, dancing, weight loss, yoga, martial arts, etc. Also a great private room for a birthday party!

Room includes, tables and chairs, stereo system, mirror and hardwood floors.

A group or individual can book this temperature controlled room by clicking on 'online schedule booking.'

Size: 40 x 20 feet (800 square feet)

Year-round Rate: $25/hour

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Two Netted Hitting Areas

We offer 2 tunnels for baseball and softball hitting practice. Each tunnel includes practice balls, T-stand and L-screen.

A group or individual can book a tunnel by clicking on 'online schedule booking.'

Tunnels are 30 feet long

Year-round Rates: $30/hour | Per tunnel

Terms and Conditions

  1. Renter is responsible for cleaning the field/court space after each rental time is over. Please pick up any trash, water bottles, etc. and replace any equipment that was moved. (i.e. Lacrosse nets | Soccer goals | Bases | Volleyball Wooden Boxes | Hitting Nets)

  2. If renter causes any damage to the facility, you must report it to a SportsPlex staff member. The Plex is equipped with security cameras this year, so please help us keep the SportsPlex safe, clean and secure for all users. (not reporting damages could result in loss of rental without refund.)

  3. Rental time is based in exact time segments.

    1. If participants use the rental time for game play, a scoreboard clock cannot be used to define rental time.

  4. Rental contract is for space rented only.  Participants are not permitted to use other areas of the facility unless scheduled and paid for in advance.

  5. Renter may prolong the time rented on any particular day at the same rate, granted the time is available.

  6. Hourly rate is for rental of the space only. If there are additional needs for special events, these must be discussed and approved by GSP Management upon signing.

  7. Greentree Sportsplex does NOT allow for the cancellation of contracted rental time.  Management must be contacted if issues should arise for specific dates, but policy does not permit cancellations.

  8. No food is permitted on any playing surface.  Absolutely no sunflower seeds are permitted on the turf. Water is permitted, if bottled.

  9. ***All participants using Greentree SportsPlex must have an Injury Release and Waiver form on file. 

  10. Renter agrees that no refunds will be paid for non-used time except for emergency facility closings due to weather or mechanical reasons or if scheduled time is cancelled per managerial agreement.

  11. Renters are responsible for changing their own net heights. Please allocate time to do so when you arrive.